Juggling Practices and Somatic Play

These suggestions come from varied practices of T'ai Chi, Aikido, QiGong, Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, Eutony and Somatic Awareness practices. 

All of these ideas are also friendly ways to play that simply come from juggling. 

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Home Care Practices
embodied healing care
respectful and comfortable
enhancing ease
sensation aware
able to do at home
and able to do alone
Juggling and Somatics
open exploration
life's expression
perplexities of embodiment
Tactile Movement and Play
Play for the spirit
Body games
Sensory Perception Puzzles
Inquisitive Pattern Shifting
Creativity and Exploration
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Practices by Toy:
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These are all gentle practices.  They are done while paying attention to sensations inside your body. They should feel good.  If something hurts - slow down - listen, move slowly, don't do anything that would increase the pain.  Pause, listen, allow for opening, approach again softly and slowly.  Keep listening, respecting, being patient.  Let the healing come in.


Dedicated to your own gentle exploratory play, allowing for the openings that bring ease and relaxation.  

May you be well.

May you practice gently, with good feelings, with awareness and respect, open to everything that comes up, and being peace along the way.
The balloon photos on these pages are stock photos. The pictures are mostly taken in Cappadocia, Turkey; the Namib Desert in Namibia; the Cochamo Valley in Chile; and the Sulamani Temple in Myanmar.