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Juggling Practices and Somatic Play

Dedicated to your own gentle exploratory play.  May you practice gently, with good feelings, with awareness and respect, open to everything that comes up, treasuring the openings that bring ease and relaxation, and laughter, and peace along the way. 

dreamstime_xxl_111026760.jpg Balloons in
The balloon photos on these pages are stock photos. The pictures are mostly taken in Cappadocia, Turkey; the Namib Desert in Namibia; the Cochamo Valley in Chile; and the Sulamani Temple in Myanmar.

These suggestions come from varied practices of T'ai Chi, Aikido, QiGong, Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, Eutony and Somatic Awareness practices. 
All of these ideas are also friendly ways to play that simply come from juggling. 

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