Home Practices

Dedicated to your own gentle exploratory play, allowing for the openings that bring ease and relaxation.  

May you be well.

JUGGLING:  These ways to play simply come from juggling... known to all jugglers. 

SOMATICS:  These suggestions come from varied practices of T'ai Chi, Aikido, Qigong, Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, Eutony, and Somatic Awareness Practices.

These are all gentle practices.  They are done while paying attention to sensations inside your body. They should feel good.  If something hurts - slow down - listen, move slowly, don't do anything that would increase the pain, listen, allow for opening, approach again softly and slowly.  Keep listening, respecting, being patient.  Let the heaing come in.

This page on my site is currently a "work in progress".  Feel free to check back in periodically for updates!

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