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Slinky Springs
  • The slinky is a toy that, for the most part, you hold on to with one hand, or both hands on each end.
  • Springs have an oscillation of their own. Feel their pattern, and work with it.
Slinky juggling took hold in China originally, but Slinky Josh is your goto source here in the US.
The Wave:
  • hold each end of the slinky in each hand
  • "pour" one side into the other
  • and back and forth
  • start with your hands parallel to the ground, lifting one side, then the other back and forth
  • as you get the hang of it your hands can take on many varied positions
The Clap Catch
  • Hold each end in each hand
  • Start by oscillating the spring so it waves up and down
  • Then, pick your timing to bring your hands together and catch the slinky in the middle
  • As you get better you can clap and keep oscillating in rhythm
Calming the Slinky Wave
  • Hold your slinky with an end in each hand (see Suggestions on Toys to learn about slinkys and springs!)
  • Wave the slinky up and down to get it going.
  • Then calmly hold still, waiting for the oscillations to calm down.
  • As the waves still, so do you.
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