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Suggestions on Toys:


  • Softness of toys on hands

  • Ease of cleaning

  • Storing and carrying

  • Juggling toys tend to be unbreakable, so think of them as a good investment

Thrift stores can net some things in the sports equipment sections.  As well as pet toys.  Stationary bicycles can be a good home toy (choose a quiet one!) 


Things that you can juggle with, that you may have already:

  • ping pong paddles and ball

  • tennis balls - tho, they can bounce away 

  • knotted fabric, balls of yarn, or socks

  • hula hoop

  • bats or sticks for balancing moves

  • scarves


Juggling Ball Set:  My favorite balls are made by Cheryl Sayers at her Sport Juggling Company at  I like the 2.5 inch size balls.


Small Squishy Ball

  • Helpful for laying on, for the pressure, and for awareness.

  • To have it soft is important.  Soft, so that when you lie on it, your body can fully relax and open.

  • Deflating the balls slightly makes them softer.

  • They are also easier to use for tactile contact juggling.


  • The ones that have a finer grain sand, and floppy leather, are easier to play with.


Bouncy Balls

  • Grocery Stores or Hardware stores (in the kids or pets section) can have good balls.

  • Also good for playing with at home - toss or kick the ball into the wall or a corner, and play with the rebound.

  • Fun for agility and reflexes.

Weighted Heavy Balls

  • These are a great alternative for grip weights.

  • They promote rounded movements.  

  • They can be sat on, and laid on for support and for massaging areas.

  • They can also be rolled onto your body.

  • The heavier balls can help open constricted areas.

  • Note the ball's hard dimpled surface as this helps for holding and traction.  

  • Consider that some balls can outgas noxious smells, and may need to be returned.  I have had good luck the the ones in the picture.

Stability Ball

  • Large ones you can sit on.  Usually 55-65 cm fits a woman's frame.


Slinky Springs

  • Slinky juggling took hold in China originally.


  • Use small weights, 2 lb, 3lb.  It's not fully necessary to use larger weights.

  • Don't strain.

  • You can also use both hands on one weight, holding the ends.

Ropes and Straps
  • Another way to anchor and pull from.
  • Climbing ropes and slings come in many sizes.
  • Seatbelt material can be found at hardware stores.
  • Dog leashes work great too.
Stretchy Straps
  • Many types have a section that can wedge into the door-jam when you close the door.   This gives them a stable anchor, and then you can pull against the stretchy part.  (the door-jam attachment is not shown here)
  • Enjoy the dynamic resistance you can work with.
Buy a New Toy - It's Good!
  • This almost always helps you feel better.
  • There are a lot of good choices.
  • Choose your toys in small enough quantities that you can pick wisely.
  • Your juggling toys are built to last a long time, so you really are picking treasures.
  • Light hula-hoops are good for moving.  The ones with a ball bearing inside can help give an anchor for the momentum of the hoop.  Heavier ones work better for holding, carrying and spinning. 

Foam Roller

  • I recommend the roller for laying on, or sitting on.

  • To be used softly (rather than the intense pressure rolling).

  • They are also great for balance and stability training.

  • Get one that is long enough so you can lay on it lengthwise from your sacrum to your skull.  (36" long for me at medium size)

  • And 6" in diameter.

  • Also, I much prefer the softer ones.

Yoga Mats
  • Provide a grippy surface that you are less likely to slide on.  And they provide some cushion.

  •  Athletic trainers can also offer some extra thick mats that are comfortable.

  • Use a thicker mat on harder surfaces.

Chin-Up Bar

  • The easiest are the one that just hook over the door-jam.  No installation required.

  • Use the bar as an overhead handle to reach for, and stretch the upper chest and shoulders.

  • The hanging strap is a rope step ladder (climbing "aiders") that can be stepped into, lightening the load on the arms.

  • I wrapped bicycle handlebar tape around these shown here, to make the grip more tactile friendly.


Massage Table

  • Having one of these in your space is wonderful.  This one is up against the wall so you can save space.

  • The table gives you a place to lie-down, sit, and play that is not on the floor.

  • Used tables are not hard to find.  Get one that has good stability but not too heavy.


Baoding Balls

  • These are balls that originated in the city of Baoding, China during the Ming Dynasty.

  • They are used as a meditation aid, as well as for improving general health and hand health.

  • The well-made ones have smooth surfaces (sometimes steel with impurities can be rougher or pitted), and more resonant chimes.

  • They can also be made from various materials (stone, wood, acrylic).

  • My preference is the larger ones (40-50mm).  But the smaller ones are nice too, and you can rotate several in your hands at once.   It's good to have variety, as you wish.

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