The Therapeutic Benefits of Juggling

*  It's a fun and practical way to rehabilitate injury  

*  Builds hand-eye coordination

*  Improves reaction time

*  Improves spacial awareness

*  Improves concentration

*  It is attainable at any age, for any size, gender or athletic ability

*  It coordinates Left and Right brain functions.

*  It's fun!  and gets us back to play!

*  Teaches a mind-set for growth

*  Encourages sequencing of movement

*  Challenges our beliefs about what is possible

*  Helps you be more open to new possibilities

*  It is participatory, non-competitive, and requires cooperation to play

*  It helps break out of mental ruts

*  Improves self esteem, giving a sense of accomplishment

*  Gives the brain a "break"

*  It's a great way to activate a "couch potato" or a "desk potato"

*  Provides a great model for how to learn:

      - by differentiating tasks, building skills in a stepwise approach, and practicing.

*  Helps us learn that we can accomplish things with practice

*  Develops an innate sense of grace and rhythm

*  Builds confidence

*  Alleviates stress

*  Sets intention for future learning goals

*  It allows everyone to be a teacher

*  It gives you skills for coping with blockages or setbacks

*  It helps you see what happens in your thinking when you make a "mistake"

*  It gives you a simple, immediate practice to evaluate your "errors"

*  It stimulates sensory and motor pathways

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