Posture and Alignment

Turn Under the Ball:
  • Hold the ball up overhead, with either hand
  • Feel for what is directly overhead
  • Then turn about under the ball
  • Re-coordinate, re-calibrate
  • Make adjustments
  • Use a light ball to listen.  A heavier ball can give you more sensory input, like where you are leaning.  A lighter ball can help you feel the fine-tuning better. Note the differences.
  • Once or twice around can be enough, and you can try it again later
Balance a Club
  • Place a club, or a broom stick, or any object (you can make it fun), on your finger, or palm, ... or even forehead, or nose.
  • Balance it!
  • Balance it standing still, or walking around, or with one or the other eye closed, or both eyes closed!
  • Keep yourself limber and agile, letting your body lean and balance too.

This Video explains the value of activating gluteus maximus to open the pelvis, align knee and foot postitioning, and allowing the ripples of adjustments to improve natural posture.  It is from Kelly Starrett in the Supple Leopard.  It is dedicated to Rosa Parks.

This Video explains aspects of the standing posture from T'ai Chi that uses alignment from our own "overhead star" at the nadir, and our "bubbling well" leading to the center of the Earth.  It is dedicated to Emma Goldman

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