Micro-movements for your neck

  • Lay on your back with your knees supported

  • Let your neck be supported by the floor or by a folded blanket or towel - something flat that will let your head roll

  • Slowly slowly let your head start to roll to one side

  • Slow down so the body can work out the glitches

  • Feel into the rusty spots

  • Let your body relax

  • Feel the relief and let that relaxation ripple into the rest of you

Crown of the Head to the Center of the Earth

  • Lean over onto a couch, or block or ball.  This will give you a feeling of stability.  You can use the floor too.

  • Let you neck hang long

  • Feel gravity helping you

  • Let your hips reach high and your back get long too.

Side-lying neck lengthening
  • Lay on your side
  • With the height of your pillow in good line with your spine - not too high, and not too low
  • Tuck your knees into a comfortable fetal position, hands in prayer position
  • Tuck your chin allowing the head to rotate, lengthening the neck
  • Let the jaw relax
  • Place special attention to the sensations at the base of the skull
  • Make your movements small, giving time and room for micro-adjustments.
  • This is good to do before falling asleep
Occipital Alignment
  • sit or stand comfortably upright
  • feel for the alignment where your head can balance the most easily
  • then feel even closer for where it has the feeling it could float, easily, like a small boat on a gentle lake
  • check that spot by moving off of it and noticing how the floating stops
Passive  Stretch for the Upper Chest
  • a ball that compresses easily is best.  You can use a squishy ball, or partially deflate a ball too.  It should be soft so you can relax.
  • place the ball right along the vertebrae in the spot that feels best
  • the practice is to lay there and rest, letting the chest open, for a few minutes
  • roll to the side to come out
  • this will stretch the ligament that runs along the front of the vertebrae, and will help the neck find alignment if you have been too hunched over
Forehead Hot Compress
Materials:  2 washcloths, 2 towels, 1 wash basin, 1 tea kettle
After arranging everything,
  • Lay flat on your back, with a towel neck roll, and a knee pillow
  • Your friend kneels by your head, and places a wet, wrung-out, warm washcloth over your forehead, eyes, and nose bridge.  (*you can do this yourself too, but you have to sit-up and exchange the washcloths)
  • When it cools, your friend gets a fresh washcloth from the basin, and exchanges them.
  • As the water in the basin cools, dollop in water from the tea kettle to keep it warm
  • Continue replacing warm washcloths for a little while.  Don't let your skin get too hot.
  • This can be helpful if you have a sinus headache

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