Head and Neck Pain Relief Practices

Micro-movements for your neck:

  • Lay on your back with your knees supported

  • Let your neck be supported by the floor or by a folded blanket or towel - something flat that will let your head roll

  • Slowly slowly let your head start to roll to one side

  • Slow down so the body can work out the glitches

  • Feel into the rusty spots

  • Let your body relax

  • Feel the relief and let that relaxation ripple into the rest of you

Crown of the Head to the Center of the Earth:

  • Lean over onto a couch, or block or ball.  This will give you a feeling of stability.  You can use the floor too.

  • Let you neck hang long. Feel gravity helping you.

  • Let your hips reach high and your back get long too.

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