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Practices for Anxiety
Ways to Help Calm Down
Chillin' on the Catch
  • sometimes we get anxious and catch the ball up high.
  • it's hard to trust that if we let something "go", that we can still get to it.
  • track the ball going down.
  • notice when you want to lurch, and for how long you can wait.
  • it's refreshing to delay the catch.
  • you can also just let the ball(s) drop if you want.  It's nice to not have to catch it.
  • and, taking this to the edge, you'll drop a few more and it's ok.
The Release!
  • Sometimes it's hard to get the ball to release.  It can open up all this uncertainty and expectations for the catch.
  • Practice by easily letting the ball roll up and off your fingers.
  • Give your wrist a little flick with the launch.
  • Let the toss ripple your body loose.
  • Also practice with mini tosses that barely leave your hand.
  • Hone in on the earliest part of your toss.  Sense it as it leaves.  
Calming the Slinky Wave
  • Hold your slinky with an end in each hand (see Suggestions on Toys to learn about slinkys and springs!)
  • Wave the slinky up and down to get it going.
  • Then calmly hold still, waiting for the oscillations to calm down.
  • As the waves still, so do you.
It Doesn't Matter
  • It's great to practice something that, at the end of the day, doesn't matter that much.
  • It's great to practice something that you can keep 'light', and that can give you perspective on what actually does matter.
Manageable Consequences
  • Now that's a relief.
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