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Visceral Manual Therapy

For belly discomfort, digestive concerns, and generalized malaise.  

     Treatments are based on the premise that for organs to function well they need to be supported and suspended comfortably among surrounding structures.  They also need to be mobile, and slide easily relative to each other to mechanically process and move digestive and bodily fluids.  Organs can become restricted by fibrous adhesions that develop from a history of inflammatory conditions, surgeries, injuries or emotional holdings.


     The quality of touch listens and follows, and with a calm, open presence gradually evaluates and releases an organ’s ligamentous and fascial connective tissue restrictions.  Receiving the work is comfortable, gentle, and relieving.


     The muscular tension in sphincters and the smooth muscle walls of organs and ducts can also be addressed allowing for improved fluid movement, and reduced pain.


     Each organ also has its inherent, internal motion - its ‘motility’, and gently, with my hands, persuading a restored synchronization of these subtle, rhythmic movement patterns can bring about a great feeling of ease.

Belly Soup


Hands on the Belly





What is here? saying?

A tautness, a fatigue.

Feeling the line

Is that a little stretch? a stitch?

Easy, only easy


On the sea



Lapping waves


A little gasp with a catch

A stumble in the rhythm

Can I oh so carefully hold on?

A teeny slow-motion help-along

Where is the relax, going


In this bowl of belly soup

Visceral Manipulation, as developed by Jean-Pierre Barral, DO in the fluid matrix of osteopathy, manual therapy, and healing.

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