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Treatment Principles

As an Integrative Manual Therapist, I combine the deductive, scientific approach of Western medical theory with treatment applications derived from the principles of Eastern energetic theory.

I am anchored at the ends of the spectrum between knowledge and potential, and sit comfortably with their reconciliation.  I am trained as a Family Nurse Practitioner, and I am an experienced primary care provider in community health clinics.  I am also a continual student of the Healing Arts, - broadly curious, but mostly based in practices utilizing concepts of Qi.
I strive to come to the table with everything that can be known about a health condition and its treatment. I also strive to come to the table with open potential for transformative healing.

I value navigating, with my patients, varied health conditions.  My approach is anatomical and structural. The body improves physiologically and functionally.

By using effective, basic, and natural solutions, manual therapy,

in its most true and simplest form, is the most primary of cares.

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