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These are testimonials from some of the people I have worked with. Healing is always both ways.  I sit with deep respect for you all, and overwhelmed with gratitude for your presence with me.

My hands and shoulders were giving me a lot of trouble; I was in discomfort most nights, and had difficult days when my hands would tingle and become numb. This interfered with writing, painting, and my duties at work. My doctor recommended surgery on both wrists as soon as possible.

Over the next few weeks Jaymi patiently and gently untangled nerves, taught me how to accommodate my weaknesses, and helped me release much anxiety that was rooted in the past.

Today I am able to paint, write, and work at my computer. I am so thankful for Jaymi's assistance, and her lovely, gentle skill in helping my body to heal. I am grateful to have had her healing touch.

– Ellen Laverdure, Artist, Musician

I had a hip issue for more than ten years. I have had countless therapists and medical professionals blame my lower back. Jaymi was able to find the core source of my pain, and she specifically and precisely got down to the problem.  My hip felt like it found it's place again.  I finally have my life back without pain.

– Zach Evans, Zach’s Transmissions, Longmont CO

 I injured my back several months ago and had been seeing multiple care providers.  When I started work with Jaymi I finally started to get relief from pain. Jaymi has been far and away one of the most powerful practitioners I’ve ever seen.

She has been doing release work in my hips that my body has needed for decades.  It is helping me recover from this particular injury, and it’s also facilitating a transformation in my entire body towards greater ease, flexibility, and functionality.

Jaymi’s approach is thoughtful and skillful.  I think one of the reasons that my body is able to so successfully release with her is because of the immense trust I feel with her.  I feel like I can truly place my body in her hands and just relax in her care, which has made a world of difference.

Her modalities are seemingly simple, but incredibly effective and she has a great practical and intuitive sense about how to work with the body, providing gentle leadership that allows the body to open in the ways it wants to.  I have been very impressed by her work would highly recommend Jaymi to anyone.  Her manner is very nurturing and reassuring and, in a crowded field in the local area, her skills are truly superior.


                                                                    – Sam Bullington, PhD,  Instructor at CU Boulder

Jaymi has remarkable and extremely unusual gifts as a healer.  

I feel seen, safe, and appreciated for the complexity of my chronic "issues".   Without fail, I am greeted with warmth, immense curiosity and gentle honesty about what is possible to explore.  Though Jaymi has a plethora of training and experience working both in Western and alternative medicine, I never feel like any one technique is being used or that she is beholden to any one way of treatment. There is no agenda other than what is currently manifesting from me. 

Being fully present, curious and compassionate as well as very informed is a rarity Jaymi is blessed with and her capacity, her generosity and spaciousness is palpable.


                                                                                        –  Trudy P. Walter MA, LPC, CHP

I was literally broken in half from an accident (a complete fracture of my sacrum, pelvis disassociated from my spine, many surgeries, etc.) and in a lot of pain. 

Jaymi was the first practitioner after years of treatment that didn't "push" to relieve my pain. She put my body in the correct position and then "slid" my body into place. I felt no pain, more relief than I have ever felt.

                                                                                  – Barbara Blunt Vaelli, N.D., L.Ac.

Jaymi’s understanding of the body, combined with the deep way she addresses health and recovery, is a gift to her patients. She blends a clinical approach from western medicine, a tangible physical approach to bodywork with an intuitive reading of embodied habits, to diagnose and treat holistically.

She helped me recover my balance and range of motion after I broke my ankle 10 years ago. It was an injury that I was told might never fully heal, and that even if it did, I was likely to re-injure it. Jaymi helped restore the tissue, the nerve responses and my balance and strength, so that I would not injure myself again. I have been pain free and stable for years and able to practice martial arts on a regular basis. It is a precious thing to simply walk, run and jump without stiffness or pain.

Jaymi's work is profound.  She listens attentively, and with clear intention her treatments effectively guide her patients toward real cures and fundamental change in their bodies. Jaymi's practice is always evolving and current, because she is curious and continues to explore, with good focus on how to better serve her patients.

                                                                                                                                                                                        - Kurt Lavenson, Architect

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