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Treatment Principles

As an Integrative Manual Therapist, I combine the deductive, scientific approach of Western medical theory, with treatment applications derived from the principles of Eastern energetic theory.

I am anchored at the ends of the spectrum between knowledge and potential, and sit comfortably with their reconciliation. I am trained as a Family Nurse Practitioner, and I am an experienced primary care provider in community health clinics. I am also a continual student of the Healing Arts, - broadly curious, but mostly based in practices utilizing concepts of Qi.

I strive to come to the table with everything that can be known about a health condition and its treatment. I also strive to come to the table with open potential for transformative healing.

I can often navigate with my patients through various health conditions, often ones that have evaded conventional treatment methods.

By using effective, basic, and natural solutions, I see my manual therapy practice, in its true form, as the most primary of cares.

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