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The Mind/Body Connection: Basic Tenets

Injury, illnesses, and declining physical health can stress our ability to be in “well-being”. Physical ailments causing our Mind to not feel well.

Times of extreme stress can also ignite a glimmer, or tap into a deep-down experience of being “ok no matter what”.

Finding, in the Mind, that core sense of ‘being well’ is the essential resource needed to bridge back to the Body.

The healing mostly comes from the ‘conversation’ with these concepts and felt experience. The conversation provides a steady, reliable process to access and work with, - a clarification at the edges of connection. The conversation between my hands and your felt experience, and our cognitive expression can often provide a more lasting and profound healing than the occasional tunnel into a breakthrough experience.

Manual Therapy provides an invaluable medium using touch, felt experience, and the connection to cognition to bring conscious the inter-relationship of Mind/Body.

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