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Treatment Plan for Orthopedic Conditions

Orthopedic conditions present some of the most straightforward cases for a manual therapist. Assessment and diagnosis can be precise, and treatment objectives clearly stated. My personal ambition, in the treatment of orthopedic conditions, is to see how quickly I can get you out of pain.

In your first session I will clearly explain what I am finding, and you will better understand your condition and what is involved in its rehabilitation. Treatments are organized into segments, “What can be done in 4 weeks, or 6 weeks”, for example. Working in a series gives me a plan for immediate objectives and longer term goals, and it keeps me (and you) from micromanaging the normal ups and downs in the course of healing.

The benefits of treatment are felt immediately, regardless of the severity or the chronicity of your condition. My hands can get right to where the problem is, and you will directly experience improvement, and be able to gauge your progress. Generally, acute conditions tend to heal more readily, as well as conditions that are not undergoing recurrent stress. Chronic cases require addressing underlying holding patterns, and the restoration of functional movement. Recovery is also dependent on the degree of tissue injury, and the body’s ability to physiologically repair this tissue.

The restoration of optimal function requires restoring balance and regaining stability. By re-setting a muscle’s appropriate resting tension, lengthening contractions, and facilitating correct muscle firing patterns, I can re-align the balance of forces through joint complexes. Once the body is in balance it finds an inherent strength due to this alignment, and will maintain this equilibrium because it is comfortable and requires less effort.

By diminishing the stress of dysfunctional movement and holding patterns, the tissue is also able to repair itself more easily, and you feel better.

I also incorporate techniques that enhance sensory perception, which helps the body ‘remember’ and maintain improvement. The body is inherently powerful in its own healing, and once this process has been initiated, it is its natural tendency to continue.

I can often reduce the level of your pain, sometimes significantly, in a short time. Pain reduction requires accurate assessment, down to the detailed anatomy of the structures involved, and the application of specific techniques to address this immediate issue. A straightforward precise mechanical approach can bring immediate relief if, for example, joints are decompressed, contractures are alleviated, or entrapped nerves that are getting pressed or tethered are released.

The treatment plan is also an ongoing conversation. There are many aspects to address around injury and rehabilitation, and I am happy to help you in every way I can, and however you may need. I like to foster this conversation so we can be in tandem on your path to healing.

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