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The Mountain Hands School of Manual Therapy

Areas of Education:

Principles of Touch: Realms of touch, connecting, knowledge, curiosity, trust

Palpation: skills, self/other, borders, sensing, knowing and not knowing, altered states

Ethics: Clarification of devotion and intention, open thinking, honesty

Palliation: Transcendence, expanding awareness, listening for insight, pain

Integration: Open interpretation, paradigm considerations, self care and holding

Orthopedics:  Assessment. Evaluation and Treatment of:

                                  Vertebral Spine, Sacrum, Cranium, and all Joints

                                  Neuro, psych, immunological considerations

                                  Embodiment, movement, home care recommendations

Cranial: Sensory alignment, rhythmic entrainment, fluid mechanics, mobilization

Somatics: Physicality, body holdings, sensory/experiential titration, experiential choices

Breathing:  Evaluation, natural breath, breath practices

Visceral: Smooth muscle, sphincters, nerve plexi, circulation and innervation

Play: Somatic games/koans, tactile and sensory illusions, mind/body perplexities, agility

Practice Practicalities: basic procedures and protocols, professional resources, success

Medical Essentials: anatomy, triage, clinical protocols

Learning more about bodywork, and the profession, is for you if you:

*Value being in the healing professions

*Want to work independently

*Like the idea of your skills being "within" you

*Happy that your healing practices can benefit others

*Want your work to be profound

*Want to make a difference in people's lives

*Want a chance to "offer" a lot


*Application (written, interview, practicum)

*Licensed in Colorado for touch

*Love of learning

*Time to dedicate

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