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The Mountain Hands

School of Manual Therapy

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Apprenticeship teaching and learning programs are available.

They are designed for flexibility, allowing for you to access the amount of teaching you want, and for learning tailored to your individual needs.

This profession is for you if you:

*Value being in the healing professions

*Want to work independently

*Like the idea of your skills being "within" you

*Happy your healing practices can benefit others

*Want your work to be profound

*Want to make a difference in people's lives

*Want a chance to "offer" a lot


*Application (written, interview, practicum)

*Licensed Massage Therapist in Colorado

*Love of learning

*Time to dedicate


INTEGRATION                            PRINCIPLES OF TOUCH                              PALLIATION

ORTHO          HEAD          CHEST          BELLY          FLUIDS          PSYCHE

MEDITATION                         T'AI CHI                         SOMATICS

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