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Integration with Western Allopathic Medicine

I trained and practiced in Western Medicine for 10 years. When I started my medical training, I had already been a homeless youth counselor for 12 years, and had been a bodyworker for 15 years.  I was happy to have already been well focused on healing.  And I was eager to be using my science and love of academia and learning.  I also very much wanted to bring my bodywork practices into mainstream healthcare.
I trained at UCSF, a graduate school focused exclusively on the medical sciences.  Classes were offered like an "all-you-can-eat-buffet", and the school and the hospital also offered a great amount of exposure in patient care.  I graduated with accolades, and additional training and licenses in Public Health, Hospice and Palliative Care, International Health, and Prison and Immigrant Health.
I then worked for 6 years as a Primary Care Provider for the under-insured populations of Brighton and Longmont in Colorado.  I proudly served thousands of patients in more than 30 thousand patient visits.
This experience greatly informs my clinical focus in my manual therapy practice.    
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