How to Learn Juggling More Easily
  • Approach this with an idea of play, every part of it

  • Accept that this will be a practice with many "mistakes"

  • A gentle forgiving attitude around failure is part of the practice

  • And what just happened in the "oops"?  ...that's curious!  what can I notice?

  • Where does humor come in?  can it?

  • Start on the "weaker" side, it's more interesting!

  • Train your eyes, let your eyes move

  • Or keep your eyes fixed and broaden your peripheral vision

  • Reflexes are exciting.  Let this inspire you too!

  • If you are at a place of diminishing returns - practice something else

  • Listen for the patterns (sounds of catches for example)

  • Don't think too much, let your body act

  • Visualize the trick as exactly as you can

  • Keep your hands low, and your elbows tucked in

  • Use your wrist to flick up the ball (not just your elbow)

  • Body catches count!

  • Take a momentary centering pause before starting the trick again

  • Play with variety

  • Keep it fun!

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