Eye and Seeing Practices

Improve your Seeing

Finding "Blind Spots" and Seeing Into Them

  • It is not uncommon for there to be areas of our visual fields where we are just a bit slower at noticing that something is there, or coming toward us.

  • Or areas  where we are reflexively slower at catching or responding to something in that visual field.

  • Hold the ball and move it with your hand.

  • Make a circle, make figure "8's", make lines, check the edges.

  • Notice what is true for you, and look into it. 

                         Toss and See
  • Toss the ball up and down.
  • Toss the ball up and over.
  • Follow the ball with your eyes.
  • Can you see the moment the ball is stopped at the top?
  • Can you see the moment the ball lands in your hands?
  • Now try fixing your gaze on a distant object and use only your peripheral vision to follow the ball.
  • Try different tosses and hand positions.

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