My Bodywork Background

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My bodywork training includes practitioner certifications for the Rosen Method Institute and practitioner and teacher certifications from the Hendrickson Method of Massage and Manual Therapy. I have additional trainings in CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, and Somatic Experiencing.

I am also a UCSF trained Family Nurse Practitioner, and an experienced Primary Care Provider in community based health clinics.


I value knowledge and science.  I have a background in Math, Physics, and Space Sciences, as well as the Health Sciences, and I have contributed to research projects in allopathic medicine.  I understand what is knowable through scientific research.  I appreciate being able to navigate the differences between scientific knowledge, lived experience, wisdom and mystery.  I am comfortable accepting what is currently "unknowable", but still feels to be "true" from internal introspection.  These principles support my understanding of a personalized experience of health, and how to effect change and healing.

And I am also a continual student of the Healing Arts.  Mostly in the general field of Somatics, especially practices utilizing concepts of Qi (T'ai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, and Meditation).  I am almost always studying and practicing.

My manual therapy treatments balance the knowledge and science of Western medicine with the Eastern principles of energetic movement and touch.  I am comfortable being anchored at each end of this spectrum - using science based learning and technical approaches, and somatically based experience and application of methods.

I strive to come to the table with everything that can be known about a health condition and its treatment, as well as an open potential for transformative healing.

I value being able to navigate various health conditions.

By using simple, effective, basic, and natural solutions, I see my manual therapy practice, in its true form, as the most primary of cares.