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Practices for Depression
For Uplifting and Galvanizing Healing Energy
These are practices to keep in mind as you are doing everything else.  It takes practicing them, actually doing them.  They don't work so well just as concepts.
Smile, yes, do it, Smile
  • This exercise requires trying it.
  • Just try it, ... smile..., even for 5 seconds if you doubt this.
  • 5 seconds: smile and juggle and see what happens.
  • Then keep smiling and juggling.
  • It won't make your problems go away, but it will change how you feel
  • This doesn't happen very often in life, - so now's your chance.
  • Say it:  "Well Done Joe!"
  • Use your name!
  • Say it because you deserve it, you do!
  • No joke, and you'll improve faster with praise!
  • Take it in.
Thank You!
  • use your name!
  • use it when you pick up the ball and hand it to yourself.
  • you are always "giving" yourself the ball, so a "thank-you" is in order.
Receive the Ball
  • It's coming your way, give it to yourself!
  • Receive.
  • And, pocket catch for the great score!
  • (you need loose pants! :)
Push Yourself Strong
  • Get your stretch cords out and attach them into the door jam.
  • Push out against resistance.
  • You can't help but feel more powerful.
  • Work it out!
The Classic Pick-Me Up
  • Pick a ball that is light enough to hold overhead, but heavy enough to keep it interesting.
  • Lift the heavy ball, lift yourself!
Stand in Triumph
  • Take the opportunity whenever you can.
  • Take the position physically, for practice, and feeling.
  • You have triumphed in so many ways.
  • And besides: you got a bit further on the trick!
Buy a New Toy
  • This one always works.
  • There are a lot of good choices.
  • Choose your toys in small enough quantities that you can pick wisely.
  • Your juggling toys are built to last a long time, so you really are picking treasures.
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