About SomaJuggle


I went to a juggling festival in Boulder in the Summer of 2018, organized by the Boulder Juggling Club. I was not a juggler at the time, so I did a lot of watching. And, sometime along the weekend, decided that this was something, and I'd like to give it a go.

I continue as a curious avid beginner juggler that doesn't quite practice enough.


As I started to play at juggling, what I learned would naturally connect to my continued exploration into Somatics - mostly through movement and touch. (Somatics is experiencing the sensations and feelings inside your body, and it's life expression, and the perplexities of embodiment.)


With the advent of 2020, and all of us needing more ways to self-care at home, I wanted to give everyone ideas of things they could do alone. Practices that would be approachable, respectful of limitations, that would encourage pleasure, self-exploration and play, and with a focus on improving physical well-being and function.


I started to make drawings of things people could do if they were sick, or if different parts of their bodies didn't feel well. And, it grew from there.


All of these ideas, all jugglers know already. I present these drawings and explanations as concepts I have collected from juggling, t'ai chi, aikido, eutony, rosen, qigong, physical therapy, pilates, yoga, bodywork and touch.

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